Listening To The Waves


...Representative Cindy Noe (R- Indianapolis) asked so many great questions immediately after Regan's presentation. Representative Noe told me she would have never known that Regan had a hearing impairment as she speaks like a child with typical hearing! Regan's engaging presentation caused Representative Noe to do a careful review of the gaps in our Indiana systems, and with the support of Governor Mitch Daniels, Representative Noe took swift action. On January 11, 2012, Representative Noe introduced HB 1367 to the Indiana congress, calling for parental choice in communication methodology of their hearing impaired children.  On March 16, 2012, Governor Daniels signed HEA 1367 into law creating an unbiased center for deaf education in Indiana! 

Thank you Regan for speaking on behalf of our children!  You are such an inspiration and a leader.

Noami Horton, MS, CCC-SLP
Executive Director 
HEAR Indiana

I am so pleased to have been asked to speak at HEAR INDIANA's Listening and Spoken Language Conference! Legislation has been passed for the children of Indiana!

Please join my sister's pen pal program designed to connect hearing impaired children with one another!  I think this is a great way to increase language and literacy skills, as well as to help children meet others with hearing loss. Check out for more information. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new program and check out the website:  HIPP kids!